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an art exibition by
Yiannis Gregoriadis and Yannis Isidorou
Opening: Thursday, April 19, 2018. 20:00
Duration: 19.4 – 5.5.2018
@cheapart exarchia, athens

T e r r a i n
2-12,june, 2018
Choreography: Maria Koliopoulou
Performers: Ioanna Apostolou, Konstantina Gogoulou, Christina Reinhardt
Sound design / Live Sound Set: Yiannis Isidorou
Costume design: Adonis Volanakis
Light design: Thomas Economacos

My Father's apraxia my mother's agnosia

Exhibition Nameless
Duration: 4 - 20 August 2017

a room (of her own) - [action] 34
choreographer:Maria Koliopoulou
Performer: Ioanna Apostolou / Ioanna Paraskevopoulou
Music/Sound designer: Yannis Isidorou
Light designer: Thomas Economacos

costume designer: Adonis Volanakis
5th Greek Dance Platform, organised by the Greek Choreographers Assotiation,
@ Athens concert hall, 23 October 2016.
Premiered at the Théâtre National Algérien, Algiers 2014. 
Invited by the Greek Embassy and with the support of the Onassis Cultural Centre.
TanzKosmos 2014 - KosmosTheater – egal-equal festival, Vienna, November 2014.
Dance days Chania, July 2016


the book is out

created by
Yiannis isidorou & Yiannis Grigoriadis
full online on issuu

Salon De Vortex  presents
March 16 – April 4 2016
an exhibition and a book

curated and edited by
Yiannis isidorou & Yiannis Grigoriadis

Hilde goes Asger
january 8, 2016-What Asger Jorn [un] taught me.
” Theses concerning the movements and modes of the artist
in the symmetrified world of economics, by Yannis Isidorou

curating by Hilde de Bruijn
hosted by Circuits and Currents, the Project Space of the Athens School of Fine Art.
One day of lectures and Q&A in the framework of HILDE GOES AGER,
a curatorial research project into the thinking and writing of the experimental artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973).

"It's all Greek to me" 
November 26th 2015 - January 9th 2016
Hallway Galleries - Artscape Youngplace
180 Shaw Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Vandalism Part 2
Wednesday November 25th, 2015, 8:00 p.m.
Duration: November 25th - December 7th, 2015 CHEAPART
25 A.Metaxa. 106 81 Athens

exulat […poeta in terra…]
09/10/2015 | 20:00
Thessaloniki @Alatza Imaret
50 dimitria
aporia, together with Katerina Iliopoulou
a multimedia, recite/performance

SDV@artAthina 2015 4-7 June 2015
851 athina-nikea
the bus

exhibition blasted
beton 7 may 12th - 23th 2
The end of latent image

a path from the expectation as apathy.
the future is already past. 
an instalation

015International dance festival "unlimited access"
the flight choreographed by maria koliopoulou
sound design by yiannis isidorou
@onassis cultural centre

Gestus, a book, together with Katerina Iliopoulou
poetry, photography (printed in Athens dec. 2014)

a room (of her own) - [action] 34
prosxima dance company
choreography Maria Koliopoulou
performance Ioanna Paraskevopoulou
sound design & music

Aporia, together with Katerina Iliopoulou
a multimedia, recite/performance
nov.12.2014 @ romantzo, athens
sound desigh and video

[φρμκ] 4
bi-annual magazine on poetry and art
editing and art direction

the future according to heidegger
a sculpture
@the exibition, the minimum structure
romantzo, athens nov. 04-16, 2014

third issue june 2014
bi-annual magazine on poetry and art
editing and art direction

anaximandros in foukousima by zissis kotionis,
@ Benaki Museum athens 2014 oct.2-nov. 11
video and sound installation

second issue november 2013
bi-annual magazine on poetry and art
editing and art direction

september - november 2013
@4th Athens Biennale: AGORA
yiannis isidorou&yiannis grigoriadis
rebuilding dialectics presented by SDV

My Father's apraxia my mother's agnosia
Action Field Codra,  Thessaloniki September 2013

first issue may 2013
bi-annual magazine on poetry and art
editing and art direction

2013, The white house biennial- exercises on democracy
@ opencase 303 athens

From the 1st of June until the 10th of July.

2013, Violence and Legality
platform project@ArtAthina
Athens May 16-19

2013, The Dam
Tehnopolis Gazi "By-Products"
Athens Jan.27- Feb.24

2013 Public Bureau's Rebuilding Dialectics
Athens, Jan. 24 Feb.18

2013 Urbanism For Dummies
January to November 2013

2012 Public Bureau's Rebuilding Dialectics
The Symptom Project
IIn The limits of togetherness
Amfissa, 6-21 October
@ the old hospital

2011 Onassis Cultural Centre
December 15-18, 2011
Music and Sound Design
for action 21 mneme

by Prosxima Dance Co.

2011 In Vino Veritas
Archaeological Park of Plato’s Academy
documentation and sound design
for an interactive installation
by Phoebe Giannisi and Zisis Kotionis
Athens Greece

2011 Moferism, a synopsis
a collaboration with Yiannis Grigoriadis
3-13 Sep. Action Field Kodra 2011
Contemporary Art In Kalamaria
Thesaoniki Greece

2011 The Ark: Old seeds for new cultures/Athens
March/30 - May/22, Benaki Museum, Pireos str.
the Greek entry in the 12th International
Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale

2011 curating the Vaggelis Artemis'
THE BOX @Salon De Vortex
Apr.14- May.14

2011 Mofferism, a first assesment
a collaboration with Yiannis Grigoriadis
Jan.20- Feb20
Salon De Vortex , Athens

2010 Impakt Festival | Matrix City
13-17 October | Utrecht
“Intothepill” 7ATHENS24 21min. DVideo

2010, SYMPTOMATIC GREECE: art and politics after crisis
curated by Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Vassiljev's Theatre, Moscow.
Within the scope of "Second Moscow Dictionary of War"

2010 12th International Architecture Exhibition Venice Biennial.
The Ark: Old seeds for new cultures
Video and Sound Installation for
Greek pavilion

2010 Athens & Epidaurus Festival
Music and Sound Design for
[action] 8
Singularity ,by
Prosxima Dance Company

2010 European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck Germany
“Intothepill” 7ATHENS24 21min. DVideo

2010 Uqbar project , Schwedenstr 16 Berlin
Intothepill collection
Greek Contemporary Video, February 26-April 9

Music and Sound Design for
[Action] V - Tous Les Deux, by
Prosxima Dance Company

2009 Athens School Of Fine Art, for the exhibition “In dire(ct) democracy”–
8 artistic approaches.
Intothepill, DIRECT DEMOCRACY YES OR NO? an instalation

2009,National Museum of Contemporary Art
Expanded Ecologies. Perspectives in a Time of Emergency, Athens
“Intothepill” 7ATHENS24 21min. DVideo

2009, Sync Festival, Athens
Intothepill Vol.1
Greek Contemporary Video Art

2008,State Museum of Contemporary Art.
Visual Arts In Greece 3, Thessaloniki,
Intothepill” It sound Like a Capital 20min DVideo

2008, 11th International Architecture Exhibition Venice Biennial.
Athens by sound
“Intothepill” 26 short videos for the installation of
Greek pavilion

2008 @ Kafeneon Athens
performance "Main Details"
in collaboration with Yiannis Grigoriadis

2008, Vilka Artforum, Thessaloniki.
Digital Romance, Aris Stoidis collection,
Where is Pablo Frank 3min.DVideo

International Biennial August in Art, Varna.
Ecstatic segmen
t 6 min. DVideo

2008,4th International dance film festival
Ecstatic segment 6 min. DVideo

2008, tNapoli Teatro Festival Italia
Il Coreografo Elettronico Napoli/Italy.
Ecstatic segmen
t 6 min. DVideo

2008, “20th Century on video project ”
Trianon cinema, Athens.
2min. DVideo

2007, '417' project space,
Parallel project of the 1st Athens Biennial Destroy Athens.
Karaoke poetry bar by,

2007, Museum of cycladic art , Athens. at her(his)tory
Intothepill collection

2007/2006, “Strange screen”
Video Art Festival, Thessaloniki.

2006, “Intothepill”CLIPS Galerie Nord, Berlin.

2006,“ Intothepill Soundrugs”, Dr. Sorovits Lab, Athens.

2006, “Intothepill”, E31 Gallery, Athens

for more info mail @: novaisidor[at]